My story

My passion for health and fitness was born as a result of a quest to find a cure for a disabling medical condition, the effects of which saw me on crutches, in pain and facing a future on hardcore medication to alleviate the symptoms. It was only when my doctor suggested I’d apply for a blue disabled badge that I knew I could no longer live like this.

I was 21 years old and had been dabbling in the gym from the aged of 17 but struggled to do any lower body work due to the psoriatic arthritis causing severe swelling in my joints.

Cutting out foods that caused inflammation, making radical changes to my diet and gently working my lower body allowed me to stop taking medication and manage my condition with diet and exercise alone. I’m pleased to say I’ve not been under the doctor for many years now and take no medication at all. Hungry for more information and passionate about my recovery, I studied to become a Fitness Class Instructor, Personal Trainer and have a particular interest in diet and nutrition. I started in 2012 at Dillons Gym (Ilkley) where the owners took me under their wing and helped me gain the valuable experience that allowed me to go it alone.

My classes across various locations in Wharfedale have been running since 2014 offering a variety of session including Pump, Metafit, Bootcamps, S.W.A.T, Circuits and Insanity. I work hard to keep the classes fun and interesting for all levels.

In June 2016 I set up my own personal training studio as well as further expanding my classes around the area. I acquired the old Quaker Meeting Room in Burley In Wharfedale and fully renovated it to a highly specced private personal training gym. I work on individually designed programmes including dietary advice and homework which is encouraged via text and social media.

Joe’s high intensity fitness classes are fantastic. As well as the cardio they work different muscle groups in different ways every week; which means there is limitless variation, quality and range of movement. I could not recommend them enough whether you are wanting to add something extra to your current training or you are a beginner wanting to start out, they work for everyone.
Alex Happs
I regularly attend Joe's Bootcamp, which is a fun way of exercising come rain or shine!  It's a great combo of cardio and rounds of working different muscle groups, followed by a stretch at the end.  Joe encourages you to challenge yourself and get the best from your workout whatever your level of fitness.  Everyone attending the classes is very friendly too.
Sarah Brookfield-Almond
I started taking part in Joe's classes just over 18 months ago and have been incredibly pleased with the results in terms of increased fitness, reduced body fat, improved BMI and overall well-being.  Above all, Joe makes the classes fun and non-intimidating to people of all levels and ability.
Ben Murphy
Joe has been very motivational in increasing my fitness, the PT sessions are always varied and focused. He understands your fitness level well and works to extract as much from you as he can. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve or maintain their fitness!
Nick Bardsley
Joe's classes are the perfect combination of hard work and great banter and all at a very reasonable price! You always feel like you've had a great work out whether it's meta fit, bootcamp or circuits. Joe really motivates you and will tailor any exercise to meet your needs. I would highly recommend.
Fiona Wilkinson
I've been a member of Joe's Little a Gym for 2 years. The classes are fantastic, challenging and great fun, with routines that change every week to keep it interesting. The classes are mixed ability, everyone is very encouraging and you don't feel at all intimidated if you are having an off week. I also have personal training sessions with Joe which have increased my fitness significantly, Joe really knows his stuff and gets results.
Sarah Dooley
The classes that Joe runs are fantastic. An amazing atmosphere and gets you to work really hard in such a fun way and every class is different. I always leave in a better mood than I arrived and can feel it the next day!
Carolyn Wilkinson
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